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Embracing the Future of Church Management with Planning Center's Publishing and Church Center


In the digital age, churches need to adapt to the changing needs of their congregations. Planning Center, a leading provider of church management software, has developed two innovative solutions to help churches navigate this new landscape: Publishing and Church Center. These tools offer a wide range of benefits and use-cases that can revolutionize the way churches connect with their congregations.

Planning Center Publishing: Customizing Your Church's Online Presence

Planning Center Publishing is a powerful tool that allows churches to customize their presence on the Church Center mobile app and website. This tool enables churches to create custom pages and video sermons, providing a unique and engaging online experience for their congregation.

One of the key features of Publishing is the ability to create custom pages and navigation. Whether you want to share social media images, prayer requests, or link to external pages like your website or a podcast stream, Publishing allows you to format this content on your own pages. This means that Church Center can serve as a launching pad for your congregation, providing easy access to all the information they need.

Publishing also offers a Sermons feature, which allows churches to centralize all their video content in Church Center. Whether you host live services on an online church provider or a social media site, or have a separate library of previous messages on YouTube or Vimeo, you can link to them in Publishing. This means your congregation can go to Church Center to see the full library of your content, making it easy for them to engage with teaching and community at the same time.

Church Center: A New Home Base for Your Congregation

Church Center is a mobile app and web experience where your congregation can explore, engage, and get involved throughout the week. It's a place where they can check in their families, give, participate in groups, sign up for events, and much more.

One of the standout features of Church Center is the ability for congregants to manage their involvement in various activities and events in one place. Whether it's running sound at church, attending small group meetings, or signing up for a plumbing project, Church Center allows your congregation to see and respond to requests, RSVP for events, and view their schedule.

Church Center also offers a unique setup link for your church, making it easier for people to connect to your app by skipping the part of setup where they have to search for your church in the Church Center database. All they have to do is tap the unique setup link from their phone, and the app will open prompting them to sign into your church.

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Planning Center's Publishing and Church Center are powerful tools that can help churches adapt to the digital age. By providing a customizable online presence and a central hub for congregational engagement, these tools can help churches connect with their congregations in new and meaningful ways. Whether you're looking to centralize your video content, create custom web pages, or make it easier for your congregation to engage with your church, Planning Center has the tools you need.

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