Planning Center consulting for churches.

Maximize your church management system for team empowerment, congregation connection and efficient ministry operations.
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Optimize your Planning Center products with our tailored solutions. While these tools are top-tier, they require customization to suit your church's needs. Our service offers valuable insights and steps for enhancement.
Transitioning your church's data to Planning Center can seem overwhelming. While Planning Center simplifies imports and migrations, our extensive experience allows us to help you circumvent potential errors and obstacles during the process.
If your church is constrained by time, manpower, or technical expertise, our team is ready to assist. We can handle the implementation of improvements to your Planning Center products, allowing your team to focus on core responsibilities.
Training & Enablement
Our training, tailored to your needs and schedule, equips you with essential Planning Center skills. We offer individual or group sessions, aiming to transition Planning Center management to your church staff, enhancing efficiency and self-sufficiency.
Full Management
Should your church face resource constraints, we can assume complete management of Planning Center for you. Simply provide us with the task details, and we'll handle the rest, ensuring seamless operation and efficiency.
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You're constrained by the limited hours in your week, and trying to decipher Planning Center on your own just isn't working. Despite your efforts to master Planning Center, you still feel like you're spinning your wheels. You've been tasked with aiding your church in transitioning to this platform, and you're in dire need of some support.

Recognizing the immense value we've provided to various churches and ministries in our local community, we've decided to launch specialized services centered around Planning Center. We're fully confident in our ability to deliver a solution that's specifically tailored to your Planning Center needs. Our training sessions and consultations are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of you, your team, and your church.

We're firm believers that a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work when it comes to catering to the diverse needs of different types of churches. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure our project management and training methods are distinct and customized to your specific usage of Planning Center.

Supporting the entire suite of Planning Center products.

Service Areas

  • Custom People Fields
  • People Lists
  • People Forms
  • Calendar Conflicts
  • Groups Messaging
  • Registration Events
  • Registration Attendance
  • Registration Add-Ons
  • Registration Payments
  • Giving Setup
  • Groups Creation
  • Groups Reports
  • Registration Custom Questions
  • Calendar Creation
  • Calendar Requests
  • Giving Reporting
  • Publishing Pages
  • Church Center App Setup
  • Groups Attendance
  • Publishing & App Navigation
  • People Workflows
  • Giving Batches
  • Registration & Check-ins
  • Much, much, more

Engagement Types

Project Based
Clear Scope and Deliverables
Defined timeline
No long term commitments
Great for companies:
Needing flexibility and customization
Looking for cost-effective solution
Focused on outcomes
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Monthly Retainer
Ongoing, prioritized support
prioritized support
3-month minimum commitment
Great for companies:
Needing strategic guidance
Looking for regular communication & availability
Needing dedicated resource allocation
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